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On May 29, 2016, in Antibiotics
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Normally there are two main types of treatments for acne:

  • Prescription treatments
  • Non prescription treatments

Usually the non prescription ones do not contain any strong chemicals and are topically applied. Moreover, they aren’t as effective either. On the other hand, prescription treatments are pretty strong so it is important to take permission from a qualified practitioner before using them. Their strong formula makes them highly effective against different types of acne including strong and moderate ones. Zithromax Canadian Pharmacy is a prescription medication that has gained a lot of popularity these days. It is used for acne treatment and delivers very fine results. It basically is an anti bacterial drug that helps you get rid of the infectious bacteria causing any kind of acne. In case you are going through some similar kind of ailment, you can buy Zithromax by visiting a good pharmacy like My Canadian Pharmacy.

Zithromax is highly effective against different ailments including:

  • Pneumonia
  • Ear infections
  • Chlamydia
  • Sinusitis

The chemical name of Zithromax is azithromycin. The drug is known to be very effective and efficient in getting your skin rid of any kind of harmful bacteria residing in your skin. In the recent years, Zithromax was also used in curing adult acne. The drug is highly effective against different types of acne but it is especially used to cure the more severe ones.


Zithromax basically is an anti bacterial drug. Acne is normally caused by a specific type of bacterial infection in the skin, so the anti bacterial substances present in the drug kill off the bacteria present in the patient’s skin. According to different reviews posted by different users on different forums, Zithromax is known to perform a fine job in getting patients rid of their acne. According to some of the users, they found its results to be better than the results achieved by several expensive sessions of treatments. It is a powerful drug so the users experienced a few side effects as well. These include headaches, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, abdominal pain, etc. It is recommended to consult your doctor in case of such side effects.

Available dosages

It is normally distributed in a pack of six tablets having dosages of 250 milligrams as well as 500 milligrams. Different dosage patterns are devised for different types of patients who are diagnosed of different issues by the prescribing doctor. It should be kept in mind that Zithromax Canadian pharmacy contains erythromycin. Therefore people who are allergic to erythromycin should never take this drug.

Zithromax is easily available in the market but you need to possess a prescription from a licensed practitioner in order to buy it. If you have health insurance, the cost of the drug can be pretty cheap but without health insurance, the whole course of treatment may cost you over 200 dollars. You can easily buy it by walking into a good pharmacy like My Canadian Pharmacy. It can also be bought over the internet.