Where to Look When You Need a Social Security Lawyer

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On April 24, 2012, in Legal

LegalCases involving social security disability are complicated in nature, riddled with nuances, and can make a huge impact on the life of the individual. With so much at stake in these matters, it is only common sense, then, that you place your questions and cases regarding this subject matter in the most capable hands possible. If you are looking for a shrewd, capable Philadelphia social security lawyer, these options could prove to be very useful. This article will point you in the right direction to find a suitable Social Security Disability Attorney.

Krasno Law

One of the longest running social security disability firms in the area has been Krasno Law. Since 1936, the associates here have made it their mission to help people who can no longer go to work because of injury or illness. The firm handles these matters with attention and sensitivity, as well as providing direct experience from an educated attorney. No matter how many clients they take on at a given time, they always work to make sure you feel like the most important one. From the smallest question to the most severe denial, Krasno Law will work to mend any social security sufferance.

Martin Banks

If you are faced with an illness or injury that leaves you out of work for over 12 months, you could be eligible for social security disability. While proving this can be extremely difficult and time consuming, the law firm of Martin Banks can help the process feel less painless. With a compassionate staff of associates with a strong record of having won benefits for those with disability, Martin Banks continues to help thousands receive the benefits they qualify for. They fight fiercely for Social Security Disability and Social Security Income, without sacrificing any of their humanity in the process.

Chermol and Fishman

While many law firms handling Social Security Disability and Social Security Income claims only accept clients for disability benefits after they have had their first application denied, the law offices of Chermol and Fishman take pride in being different from the rest of the pack. With this firm, people can receive help in the filing process of their first application, along with receiving assistance after denial. The goal here is to take intimidation out of a complicated situation, and give clients help from the very first step in the process. With a free consultation, claimants have nothing to lose and a world of information to gain.

In the Philadelphia area, there is a huge assortment of qualified legal firms who can get you the most out of potential Social Security Income and Disability. Whether you feel you are entitled to money you have not yet received, or even if you are looking to fill out an application form for these monies and do not know the first place to start, there is a qualified legal specialist who can help you, and several of them even offer their services for free. Try one today, because you can never know just how much potential you have.