Trippy Stick Vaporizer makes its mark on hip hop culture

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On September 18, 2012, in Uncategorized

trippy-stickYou know your product has entered the scene and made its mark when it starts being mentioned by famous hip hop artists in songs, magazines and even on their Twitter feeds. Well that is exactly where the Trippy Stick Vaporizer pen is sitting right now, in the hot and trending category.

Meant for those people who carry a medical marijuana card, the Trippy Stick Vaporizer pen allows the user to smoke in a discreet, smokeless manner so as not to draw any unwanted attention. The sleek design features a pen like tool, which actually does write when capped, that measures six inches in length. It’s highly portable and can easily tuck away into a purse, wallet or pocket.

Founded by Terry Vanglore, today’s version is a noticeable improvement over the first ones in 2011. Previously the pen required butane to run, which has now been replaced by the ability to recharge the device simply by plugging it into a USB port.

Hash oil is used inside the pen, which is stored in a cartridge. Each cartridge should supply approximately 100 hits. When purchasing the device, the user will also get four to five empty cartridges, which is up to them to then fill. The cartridge also allows the user to clearly see how much oil is left, therefore always being well aware when supply is running low.

A number of well known hip hop artists have been seen with the Trippy Stick Vaporizer, with some even going so far as to mention it in songs such as rapper Wiz Khalifa in his song California. Soulja Boy recently tweeted a photo of himself with his Trippy Stick, while people like Snoop Dogg and Kreayshawn are supposed users of the technology. Everyday users are posting pictures of themselves using the Trippy Stick discreetly in restaurants, on airplanes, driving and at home.

Part of the reason for the sudden popularity can be traced back to the recent legalization of medical marijuana in a handful of states such as Oregon, New Jersey, Arizona, California and Colorado. Just because it has been legalized, doesn’t mean users want everyone to see and smell their usage.

Carrying a price tag starting at around $100, the technology Trippy Stick offers is really unique in that it gives users a stylish looking device, with an added health benefit. Because there is nothing burning, there are no potentially harmful toxins being released into the air which the user and those around them will be breathing in. As well, users claim there is an elevated experience by using it.

Gone are the days of clunky looking bongs that are impossible to hide and be discreet with. The device offers privacy where it was once impossible to get.

As more and more individuals and groups continue to lobby for the legalization of marijuana the Trippy Stick Vaporizer will just continue to grow in popularity. Already there are a number of knock-offs trying to capitalize on the recent profits being seen. However, the original Trippy Stick Vaporizer pen can only be purchased at the device’s online store.