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You are taken on to become a sponsor of the XXIIth Rabies in the Americas Conference (RITA), which will be conducted in San Juan, Puerto Rico from October 16 to 21, 2011.

RITA is a year global conference where investigation scientists have the capability to be introduced to each other, argue and make presentations having the relation to the significant world public health problem of rabies influencing animals and humans. Rabies program directors and stakeholders from all over the world are also among the Conference visitors granting your company the capability to meet with known and potential customers. My Canadian Pharmacy takes an active part in this conference trying to provide people with remedies directed to decrease the amount of rabies appearance.

Last year, over 300 participators from more than 24 countries and 5 continents visited this conference. Several sponsion functions have been created in order to supply you with the capability to require a range of promotional profits. The description of each sponsion function, as well as a summary table of the promotional profits, is in the following document:

(Click to download -Sponsorship Options- RITA XXII Conference)

For parties engaged in any of the sponsion capabilities, please come in contact with us:

Dr. Brenda Rivera-García
President, Organizing CommmitteeSponsors
Tel. 787-283-0565

Prof. Edna Díaz
Hospitality & Entertainment
Tel. 787-274-6831

Dr. José Arce
Sponsor Recruitment
Tel. 787-283-0565