Shorter Haircut and Short Hairstyles All Year Round

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On May 25, 2012, in Health And Beauty

short-haircutsSome people swear that having a shorter haircut and short hairstyles is the only way to treat your head! In fact, in some professions (particularly the police force or the military), having a shorter haircut is the only acceptable way to work. Even in some companies, there are dress code requirements which may include short hairstyles for both men and women, either for safety or security reasons or simply because the corporate image of the company demands it.

The practical side of a shorter haircut

It goes without saying that there are many practical aspects to having a shorter haircut. Probably the biggest one is that because your hair is so short, you are less hot and sweaty than people are with long hair. This is especially important with the summer coming in hard and fast. It can be extremely uncomfortable to go through a hot summer day with long hair and it makes sense to have short hairstyles in this case. Especially if you spend a lot of time outside. While it can be good to tie your hair back or even put it up in a bun to keep cool, this can still be very heavy on the top of your head and your scalp will still be much warmer and sweatier than if you had a shorter haircut.

The other practical side of short haircuts is not apparent to most people, but is more relevant in professions or hobbies where close combat is a necessity. That’s probably why the military and the police forces require you to have short hair (one less disadvantageous target for an opponent to take hold of). People who are into martial arts such as judo, karate, wrestling or MMA also find that long hair can be a significant disadvantage. Sure, it looks good in the movies, but in real life and in a real combat situation, a shorter haircutcan literally save your life. A good tip for when the zombie apocalypse hits is to shave your head!

What kinds of short hairstyles are there?

There are many different kinds of short hairstyles. Perhaps the most famous is the “no hair” approach. You shave your head completely with the closest razor you can find. You will need to do this relatively frequently to maintain it, as it can grow back a few millimeters frequently, but people who go completely shaved say that it’s the best experience in their lives. They’re able to remain completely cool no matter how hot it is.

Buzz cuts are another good shorter haircut. Basically, it’s like being shaved, but you retain a few millimeters of hair, depending on what you like. You often see people with buzz cuts stroking their heads, as it feels good to do this for some odd reason (or so they claim).

Classic cuts and cruise cuts are another style of shorter haircut that’s very popular. Basically, your hair is either parted down the middle or on one side, but the idea is to have at least an inch or two of hair still on your head. Still very practical!