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On March 29, 2012, in Shopping

retro-leather-jacketLadies and gentlemen, the retro leather jacket is back in style! This charming relic from the days of yore has been a mainstay in American culture since it was first invented. Little is really known about when the leather jacket was invented, as some form of leather outer wear for the upper body has always been worn by humans since we started hunting in the days of the cavemen.

What are the advantages of leather?

There are many advantages of leather and it also depends on the type of leather actually used in the jacket. A natural leather jacket can be an excellent warm and waterproof piece of clothing. Depending on how thick the leather is and depending on the internal lining, one can comfortably wear a leather jacket in any weather, regardless if it’s a cool summer night or a chilly winter’s day with sub zero temperatures.

The other common type of leather is turned or suede leather, which has a more rough or matte feel to it. These can be damaged in very wet weather, so be careful not to end up like Seinfeld with his leather coat that got destroyed in the snow.

That unbeatable look

It’s hard to explain, but the retro leather jacket conjures up a look that is hard to beat. It’s a look that people would kill and die for. It makes people think of successful, cocky and sexy people in jobs or with lives that are to be envied. For instance, leather jackets (also known as bomber jackets) were and still are used by fighter pilots. If you’ve seen the movie Top Gun and others like it, then you’ll know that having that look is really important to many people.

The vintage leather jacket is also associated with other great lifestyles such as the Harley-Davidson bikers, police officers and the punk rockers. It’s no wonder that many people are dying to get their hands on a leather jacket.

What can you wear your retro leather jacket with?

This is not a tough question to answer, because it goes well with just about anything! It has to be said though, and take my word for this, just accept it, wearing a leather jacket with sweat pants or sandals is just wrong. So don’t do it! It’s difficult to even describe the lack of taste that someone must have if they wear a gorgeous vintage leather jacket with a pair of sweatpants and sandals. It brings up bile to the back of the throat.

No, leather jackets were designed to be worn with leather pants or jeans. The point of leather is the look and you can’t get that look without these two types of complementary lower garments.

As for shoes, sandals have already been mentioned with revulsion in the context of leather jackets, but literally anything else goes that’s also cool. Boots and dress shoes are best, as they bring out the classy elegance of your new retro leather jacket, but you can get away with running shoes, sneakers or walking shoes as well.