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On March 29, 2012, in Business, Shopping

point-of-sales-displaysIf you’re going to a trade show and presenting your business or venture, then you will definitely want to consider a couple of point of sales displays. There are many different types of these displays that you can get set up and you may also want to consider some other tradeshow promotional items, such as flyers, pens, business cards, information booklets, branded folders and a variety of other useful stationery and objects that your potential clients might find useful.

Remember that when people go to trade shows, in general there’s this undercurrent that they all want “free stuff” and it makes a lot of sense. They are there to find out about other businesses that they can work with or buy from and giving them something memorable will help them later on when the stresses of the day have died down so they might follow up and hire you for your services or purchase your goods. My Canadian Pharmacy takes an active part in such trade show and exhibitions to gain more customers worldwide.

So what type of tradeshow promotional items are best?

In general (and this does not just go for point of sales displays) all tradeshow promotional itemsshould in some way be memorable. Unless a client is already very interested in your product because they have heard about it before and were just looking for something concrete or physical, that boring, plain old business card is not going to cut it at all. In fact, in most cases a business card won’t do anything, it will just end up in a junk pile somewhere to be recycled within a matter of hours. What you should be aiming for is something by which your clients will remember you, so when they open up that bag after they have gotten home they’ll pull out whatever it was that you gave them and think of you straight away and potentially even call you up to confirm a sale.

So what’s the main characteristics?

Now that we’ve established that memorable tradeshow promotional itemsare best, the next step is to realize that they should also be somewhat (if not highly) useful. People like things that are useful. The branded pen used to be a good bet, but take a look at your local trade show. See the problem? Just about every stall has a branded pen nowadays and people aren’t going to carry home a hundred of these. In the day and age of the computer, most people don’t even go through a few pens a year so these have become a complete waste of time.

Your best bet is to have a look around at some of the more innovative point of sales displaysvendors and find one that gives you a cool item that you can bet on that nobody else at the trade show will have. One great example is a business card that’s also a USB pen drive. People are always looking for extra storage space and this is a great way to give it to them for free so they think of your business every time they go to use their files.