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On April 29, 2012, in Games

mmorpgIf you want to play an MMORPG, is a great site to get started. While it’s true that the site and the community are German, the community is very open and almost everyone will speak English anyway.Germany is a great place for gamers and has a very active and excited gamer community who are always eager to try out whatever the latest game is.

And in the world of the MMORPG, excels in success, giving you the ability to interact with thousands of other players simultaneously who are all enjoying the same great role-playing game that you are playing.

Free to play vs. Pay to play

In the world of MMOs, there is a constant battle as to which is better – free to play or pay to play. Both types have their merits undoubtedly.

Free to play games greatest strength is obviously that you do not have to pay to play it. You can play completely free, usually as long as you like, with some limitations imposed by the game creators. In the realm of the MMORPG delivers a large amount of free to play games for you to try out. Their free nature can also be their downfall, as well. In many free to play games the big problem is that because it’s free, there are a lot of players who are not very serious about the whole thing or are just “trying it out”. There could also be a lot of younger players who can be pretty immature at times. The “anal” spam on World of Warcraft servers is the epitome (or one could argue the depths of hell) of this phenomenon.

The other bad side of free to play games is that obviously the developers are a business and often the ways in which they make money end up ruining the integrity of the game – by selling power ups, in game currency and a variety of other bonuses to players with a credit card, they can create a power balance that favors those who spend and thereby gets people hooked who otherwise would not pay. These games are also often ridiculed as “pay to win” instead of “free to play”.

Many companies though are cropping up that want no part of this bad reputation, and so instead of making overpowered items and benefits, they feel that they can instead create cosmetic bonuses for their characters. Good examples of this type of MMORPG game is Aion and the soon to be released Guild Wars 2, which will also be free to play (but you buy the original game).

There are many other games that you can play on MMORPG’s website: for instance, Drakensang Online (action role-playing in a fantasy world), League of Legends (not so much an MMORPG, but more of a tower defense 5 vs. 5 battle type affair), Star Trek Online (Beam me up, Scotty!), The West (gun toting duels) and many more.