How To Get Cell Phone Ringtones That You Actually Like

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On March 26, 2012, in Entertainment

ringtonesThe type of cell phone ringtones that you actually enjoy can vary greatly between people. Generally, there are not many people that like the default ringtones that come with a new cell phone. Those are often cheesy and frankly sound like elevator music. The songs even have ridiculous titles, such as Bedrock, Quartz and Bridge and sound like they were made by 50-year olds who think they know what kids like.

Choosing a good cell phone ringtone

When you’re choosing your ringtones, then you should ideally be looking for something that meshes really well with your own personality. That is why many people go for tunes from movies, TV shows or even games that they play. Some people like to get cell phone ringtones that are made by their favorite rock bands or even a great Classical piece that they really love. It’s so easy to get a good ringtone these days for your cell phone, there’s simply no excuse to be using that default rubbish!

How to load your new ringtone onto your phones

A lot of people think that they only place they can get ringtones is through the store that is offered on their phone, but this is simply not true. These days, most smart phones will allow you to load any type of media file onto them and then use those files as a ringtone or any other form of alert. There are multiple ways to get your new ringtone onto the phone. Such as:

Bluetooth— Enable the Bluetooth antenna on your phone and on your computer as well. Connect the two devices by going through the secure authentication process and then simply get the files you found on your computer and right click them. You should see an item in the drop down menu that says something like “Send to Bluetooth…”. When you’ve clicked this, simply select your phone from the list and your chosen file should arrive in your phone’s inbox in a few seconds.

Internet — Many phones these days can also connect to the Internet using a 3G/4G connection or a wireless antenna. In the same way that you would find ringtones on your computer, you simply access your favorite download site for ringtonesand then download the files into your media folder.

Ripping your own ringtones — Ripping your own ringtones is a breeze as well. If you have iTunes, Winamp, VLC or many other types of media players, they will also allow you to get the music off your CDs. If you already have your songs on the computer, then simply find them in your file manager, right click them and send as above.

Sharing with a friend — There are also many ways to share ringtones that you like with a friend. You can connect your phones through Bluetooth, send with a multimedia text message or in the very latest smart phones you can already get your cell phone ringtonesby using their proximity technology.