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Before You Hire A Writer: WordAI Improves Search Engine Result Rankings

On September 1, 2012, in Technology

wordaiAny business with a web presence is quickly finding out that search engine result rankings can be hard to come by unless effort is put in to creating and updating original content that makes sense, reads well, and informs customers and website readers. However, writing this content can be extremely time consuming, and many companies don’t have the employee base or experience to create content that is both well-written and informative without taking away from daily duties and responsibilities. By using WordAi, new articles can be written from existing copy without any red flags being raised. The simple to use program allows businesses to focus on their customers, products, and services, and alleviates the stress of garnering higher search engine result ratings.

Top Reasons to Use Gevey Ultra Sim for iPhone Unlock

On April 20, 2012, in Technology

geveyRemember when the iPhone came out? You know, that first iPhone, the one that was a little bulky, had a touch screen and looked cool? That was years ago, wasn’t it? Decades, right? It was less than a decade ago that the first iPhone device was released into the marketplace. It seems like two. The point is that technology is growing, changing and expanding at such an exponential rate that tomorrow could easily be the day that the next big thing is released. Ultimately, it’s hard to keep up. It’s also imperative to research and see why this change has been so quick – or, in fact, it actually has been that quick. What many people don’t know is that the iPhone, the very first one, was actually a very powerful device. Beneath its clunky exterior was powerful software and hardware that was, with the disclosure of the general public, locked by Apple. Why did they do this – or, why do they do this? They do this because it’s a great marketing technique. It allows them to pretend like the next iPhone that they release is that much more powerful and that much more technologically advanced. In actuality it’s not really at all.