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How a San Francisco Locksmith Can Make a Key

On May 1, 2013, in Security

keyOne of the most common things that a locksmith can work on in the Bay Area is a key for all sorts of purposes. There are many types of keys that can be drafted by a locksmith. The process of making a key is very simple for anyone to think about. It should be made well to give anyone a sense of help with getting anything ready.

The process will involve a measurement of how the lock will be used. The lock will be analyzed based on the use of a shape and a series of pins that might be used based on what is in a spot. This is made with a good design that will keep anything from being too much of a hassle in any case.

A grinding plate is traditionally used to help with measuring a key. This often involves setting up a mold based on the lock being used. The plate has to be measured and cut with a series of specific controls to make sure that there is a sense of control over how the lock is made.