Before You Hire A Writer: WordAI Improves Search Engine Result Rankings

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On September 1, 2012, in Technology

wordaiAny business with a web presence is quickly finding out that search engine result rankings can be hard to come by unless effort is put in to creating and updating original content that makes sense, reads well, and informs customers and website readers. However, writing this content can be extremely time consuming, and many companies don’t have the employee base or experience to create content that is both well-written and informative without taking away from daily duties and responsibilities. By using WordAi, new articles can be written from existing copy without any red flags being raised. The simple to use program allows businesses to focus on their customers, products, and services, and alleviates the stress of garnering higher search engine result ratings.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, or SEO, has become an increasingly used word in the business world, but few may truly understand what it is and how it can help a company’s web presence whether or not the company is web-based. In the easiest terms, when a person types information into a search bar, the search engine reads website content to find sites that closely match the search terms with the most complete information. Search engines include both company websites and articles that feature the search terms or keywords. Therefore, to generate traffic to a website, companies must be able to utilize the right keywords in their articles and web content.

Smaller companies may struggle with fulfilling day-to-day responsibilities based on small staff sizes, but in this technological age, if a company doesn’t have a strong web presence, it will suffer. Multiple articles that link to a company’s site will help the company achieve a higher search ranking, but writing those articles can be an issue. Thanks to article spinner software, however, companies only need one article to create multiple pages of new content. WordAI is a revolutionary program that is able to read, comprehend, and mimic human writing. This can save employees a lot of time as articles are generated at the click of a button.

How WordAI Can Save Your Company

Web-based companies rely on search engine ratings to succeed. With an article spinner, these companies can quickly and easily set up many sites and blogs to link to a main product or service site. In this way, search engines see these links as informative and favorable ways to improve a site’s reputation. And reputable sites are ranked higher than ones that are viewed as spammers or scams. How fast can WordAi can improve a website’s ranking? Well, that depends only on how quickly a company posts the new content created by the article spinner.

WordAI features three tiers of website content creating. The first tier rearranges the articles and inserts appropriate synonyms to keep the same meaning without copying content (repeated content is a search result rating killer) while maintaining a level of understanding. For content that is more unique and written at a higher level, WordAI’s second tier stands above other article spinner programs.

The third tier of WordAI’s program is aimed at companies that need to spin a large amount of content on a monthly basis. This tier is customizable based on the number of words that need spinning, and bulk pricing is the most cost-efficient way for companies to achieve high-quality content in large amounts.