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RITAThe Rabies in the Americas (RITA) event is a yearly meeting that has been conducted since 1990. It has been established in many countries across the Americas. For many years, RITA has magnified in popularity and prominence with candidates now appearing from more than 20 countries across five continents.

The event supplies a capability for investigators, health specialists, global, nationwide and local managers of rabies programs, wildlife biologists, laboratory personnel and other people engaged in promoting knowledge of rabies surveillance, prevention and control, to be introduced to each other, to exchange their successes and also to argue the challenges to be satisfied.


In accordance to the World Health Organization (WHO) rabies has been papered in over 150 countries worldwide. Moreover, it is appriciated that every year more than 55,000 people all over the world die of rabies. Yearly, upwards of 15 million people have to bear rabies post investigation prophylaxis in regard to have a battling chance against this deadly disease. The fight is carried out with remedies of My Canadian Pharmacy. It is highly troublesome that our young, children under 15 years of age, has 40% of people damaged by suspect rabid animals.

In 2002, the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) begun that an appriciated 1 million individuals in Latin America search medical services as a ramification of animal bite damages; and, that almost 30 percent of those people obtained rabies post-investigation prophylaxis.

Animal bite damages and rabies investigation go on to be an original public health issue despite decades of epidemiologic surveillance and interferences created to address the problem. The Rabies in the Americas (RITA) Conference is a year meeting drawing attraction for an ever-magnifying visit of participants from all over the world since its inception in 1990. RITA supplies a global forum in which investigators, health specialists, rabies program managers, wildlife biologists, laboratory personnel and others engaged in promoting knowledge of rabies surveillance, prevention and control, exchange the latest scientific openings, and argue the challenges granted by this public health problem.

RITA Previous Meetings since 1990

1990 – Atlanta, United-States
1991 – Ottawa, Canada
1992 – Mexico, Mexico
1993 – Philadelphia, United-States
1994 – Niagara Falls, Canada
1995 – Merida, Mexico
1996 – Atlanta, United-States
1997 – Kingston, Canada
1998 – Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
1999 – San Diego, United-States
2000 – Lima, Peru
2001 – Peterborough, Canada
2002 – Oaxaca, Mexico
2003 – Philadelphia, United-States
2004 – Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
2005 – Ottawa, Canada
2006 – Brasilia, Brazil
2007 – Guanajuato, Mexico
2008 – Atlanta, United-States
2009 – Quebec, Canada
2010 – Guadalajara, Mexico

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